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Submission Rules and Guidelines

Have you ever wished you could submit a series of photos all taken at the same event into the one place, instead of having to split them up to suit different categories ? Well now you can. It doesn't matter whether they are black and white, HDR, photos of people, or machinery, or general views of the event. If they were taken as part of a series at the same event or place, and fit into one of our categories shown below, send them all to us. No more having to sort them into different categories, or send them to different folders, just send them all to us (all we ask is that you submit a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 6 photos in a series).

:bulletred: Submissions are accepted from only Members of the group
:bulletred: We accept only a series of images, the focus is on Series and not just a collection of images. The sequence of images must have an underlying visual, artistic, stylistic or subject theme, that is more focused than the general defined category.
:bulletred: A Series will consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 individual images.
:bulletred: We can not accept less or more than this number if you submit less, we will request that you add more to fulfill the minimum number.
:bulletred: We do accept a collage or group or strip of images placed together in a single file (Image). However these must be placed in the STRIP Series Folder.
:bulletred: Members are allowed to submit up to 8 images per folder per day.
:bulletred: Kindly submit to the correct folder.
:bulletred: All submissions in a series must be added within 24 hours of the first submission, otherwise all your submissions in the series will be declined.
:bulletred: All submissions must be photography based (except for the exception of photomanipulations), and must belong to the member submitting them.

Mini feature

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 1, 2015, 12:23 PM
Enjoy a series from each gallery folder

Animals and Birds

A0554 - The king. by Lothringen A0559 - Red nose. by Lothringen A0557- Sweetness? by Lothringen

 Beginners and Critique

Hotel IV by VesnaRa14 Hotel III by VesnaRa14 Hotel by VesnaRa14

Crafts Hobbies and Food

fruit cake by lalisa-doniho Grouper and Pitan Eggs Porridge by lalisa-doniho Peking Duck and Hainan Rice by lalisa-doniho


color dreams by sashina14 through the looking-glass by sashina14 midnight melody by sashina14

Earthscapes Cityscapes Monuments

Les Voltes by smallsofthamish Framed by smallsofthamish Last Days of Summer by smallsofthamish

Farming Rural Life and Agriculture

Freeze Dried by GlassHouse-1 New Wilmington Farm House by GlassHouse-1 Winter Field by GlassHouse-1

Flowers and Trees

spring colors ll by mARTinimal spring colors by mARTinimal Hang by mARTinimal

Industrial Urbex Urban

eggHDR1498 by The-Egg eggHDR1497 by The-Egg eggHDR1496 by The-Egg

Macro or Close-up

Freezing by Roses-to-Ashes The Forest Within by Roses-to-Ashes Stitches of Ice by Roses-to-Ashes

People and The Human Form

Irene - 2 by EstudiosIdeaSoez Candy! by EstudiosIdeaSoez Irene by EstudiosIdeaSoez

People in their Imagine

dragon fruit. by Senju-HiMe limon. by Senju-HiMe granada. by Senju-HiMe

Performing Arts

Dancing Pair (Bird's sight) by ShakilovNeel Dancer's Whirpool by ShakilovNeel Vivid Dress by ShakilovNeel

PhotoJournalism and Street

Autumn spring by endegor Paris Kiss by endegor Paris un tango II by endegor

Sports and Sporting Events

Wendy's/Saturn Criterium. 1 of 6, with story by harrietsfriend Wendy's/Saturn Criterium. 2 of 6, with story by harrietsfriend Wendy's/Saturn Criterium. 4 of 6, with story by harrietsfriend

Still Life

World in bottle- Kiwifruit by Hekkoto World in bottle-Coffe by Hekkoto World in bottle- Garden of death by Hekkoto

Strip Images and Animated GIF

collage number 2 by MT-Photografien 1932 and 2014 by Yancis Close to Spring by RezzanATAKOL


Philadelphia PCCs 4 by uglygosling Philadelphia PCCs 5 by uglygosling Philadelphia PCCs 6 by uglygosling

Collaborative experiment Animal Portraits

#7 by GhostOfCanada #10 by GhostOfCanada #9 by GhostOfCanada


Paul Day's frieze by Smaragd01 Mushroom Extravaganza by Smaragd01 This Is Gotland by AndersStangl


Seaside by aglezerman The Blue Hole by aglezerman Protection from the sea by aglezerman

Enjoy many more by visiting our galleries
Have a nice week by AStoKo
Thanks for watching by Digithalie

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Flora Archive 1

Hello, and Welcome to #PhotoSeries

I am Jenny Stokes.........a lot of you know me very well. This a group for the submission of SERIES of photographs. Instead of being able to submit one image at at time, as for most groups, you submit between 3 and 6 images at once, as a theme, or as a narrative.

This is my first try at Founding a Group, so please bear with us and don't be afraid to ask questions, or suggest a different Folder. This Group could NEVER have happened without ALL the help I have had from
TusharBoss and Bumblepuss. They are both wonderful people and I hope you will take time to 'browse' their wonderful art. (Bobby, sad to say for us, although still a member of the group, has relinquished his Co-founder status due to other commitments)

Our team comprises of

jennystokes as Founder

InayatShah as Co-Founder
ZeeShiKing as Co-Founder
Vodj as Co-Founder
gigi50 as Co-Founder
PatriceChesse as Co-Founder
SabakuNoShi as Co-Founder
NB-PhotoArt as Co-Founder

I love this idea: Many times, as some of you know, I have done Series of pics from one event, then had to break them all up. I found this to be truly annoying! An Event is an Event and the pics should stay together. In this Group you can now do this. Hurrah!

I look forward to seeing you all submit.
Please read the rules carefully.

For more detailed guidelines on what this group is about and how to go about submitting your wonderful work, see the more detailed notes on this page with regards to submission and membership

Meanwhile, enjoy our current Featured selection. This Month it is a selection from our Strip Image submissions.

Thank you all members for your wonderful contributions.

Jenny and the Team


Membership to PhotoSeries will not automatically be accepted. We reserve the right to choose applications based on three Criteria;

:bulletred: Quality of Work

:bulletred: A Series in strict conformity of our Rules

:bulletred: Interesting and informative work


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Batsceba Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2015   Photographer
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Douce-Amertume Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2015
New requests… Thanks!

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MT-Photografien Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
thank you very much for requesting my photo! Hug
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artamusica Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Sorry, guys, I just blew it. I was thinking that the daily limit was 8 not 6, so I have submitted the first series of 4, then submitted 2 of the macro hoarfrost, thinking to submit 3. My apologies. Just delete the macro ones, I will re-submit those all together another day. Again, many apologies. First time submitting to this group . . .:D
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ansdesign Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for the kind request! :)
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