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3rd Collaborative Project : Submissions Please

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 2, 2014, 9:14 AM
ANNOUNCEMENT :  Our third collaborative project "PEOPLE AND FLOWERS" is open to non-members.  Any deviant may contribute a photographic image to this collaborative project.

This will be our Third venture in our Collaboration project.

We consider this our unique experiment in Global Collaborative work. Our members here at Photoseries come from diverse cultural, ethnic backgrounds with a vast diversity of styles.

The main idea is to create a Photographic Series that is the combined contribution of artists from all over the world.  The concept is very simple

The Series will be seeded by a single image, is Image will be placed in a folder called "Collaborative Experiment".

Members are requested to contribute single images to this folder that they feel extend the basic image into a series.

Hopefully with contributions we will chose a number of images that combine to make the best series.  However we might end up with more than just one series.

The Subject of the third Collaborative Project is  "People And Flowers"

Phoenix by endegor

Pheonix  By :iconendegor:  endegor

To Start the Ball rolling One images are placed as  the Seed Image in the collaborative Folder.

Get those Shutters Clicking !!!

Jenny and the Team

More Journal Entries

Hello, and Welcome to #PhotoSeries

I am Jenny Stokes.........a lot of you know me very well. This a group for the submission of SERIES of photographs. Instead of being able to submit one image at at time, as for most groups, you submit between 3 and 6 images at once, as a theme, or as a narrative.

This is my first try at Founding a Group, so please bear with us and don't be afraid to ask questions, or suggest a different Folder. This Group could NEVER have happened without ALL the help I have had from
TusharBoss and Bumblepuss. They are both wonderful people and I hope you will take time to 'browse' their wonderful art. (Bobby, sad to say for us, although still a member of the group, has relinquished his Co-founder status due to other commitments)

Our team comprises of

jennystokes as Founder

InayatShah as Co-Founder
Coolerama as Co-Founder
ZeeShiKing as Co-Founder
Vodj as Co-Founder
Solar Encoded as Co-Founder
gigi50 as Co-Founder
PatriceChesse as Co-Founder
SabakuNoShi as Co-Founder
NB-PhotoArt as Co-Founder

I love this idea: Many times, as some of you know, I have done Series of pics from one event, then had to break them all up. I found this to be truly annoying! An Event is an Event and the pics should stay together. In this Group you can now do this. Hurrah!

I look forward to seeing you all submit.
Please read the rules carefully.

For more detailed guidelines on what this group is about and how to go about submitting your wonderful work, see the more detailed notes on this page with regards to submission and membership

Meanwhile, enjoy our current Featured selection. This Month it is a selection from our Strip Image submissions.

Thank you all members for your wonderful contributions.

Jenny and the Team


Membership to PhotoSeries will not automatically be accepted. We reserve the right to choose applications based on three Criteria;

:bulletred: Quality of Work

:bulletred: A Series in strict conformity of our Rules

:bulletred: Interesting and informative work

Gallery Folders

Still Life
Strip Images and Animated gifs
Transportation series
Collaborative Experiment-People and Flowers
Competition Folder
Competition Archives
Flora Archive 1
Devious Folder




This folder is reserved for the ADMIN'S CHOICE only. Members are not allowed to submit photos into this folder.Periodically, the administrators of the group will choose one series from your normal submissions into our regular folders which they think is worthy of being featured in this folder, and copy that series into here. If your series is lucky enough to be featured in this folder, we will inform you by commenting on each individual photo of that series to make you aware that it is in here. Keep checking back to see if one of your series is chosen :)

Best Of The Best
This Folder contains the accumulation of the best series the Admins of the group have selected. Featured Series are automatically archived here and it will also contain other selected works. This folder is reserved for the ADMIN'S CHOICE only. Members are not allowed to submit photos into this folder.

This Folder is used for submitting entries to Current Competitions. The Folder will be opened for the duration of the competition submissions period and closed otherwise

Competition Archives
This Folder will contain the archives of competition entries except the current running competition

For your series of photos showing the diversity of buildings and building styles all to be found within the same small area or a Photographic study of various aspects of an single entity

For your series of images showing a common conceptual, surreal or abstract theme, described by title, description or content. Examples might be shapes, forms, colours, contrasts, action, relationships etc. PLEASE NOTE All photos within a series should display the same concept throughout that series, and be purely photography based

Have you a series of cultural related photos e.g. items of clothing relating to a particular culture, festivals or displays of traditions specific to your culture, displays of ancient or historic clothing portraying the culture of your country etc. If you have, please submit them all here.

People enjoying themselves at fairgrounds both looking at rides, and on rides. Series of photos showing various fairground attractions whether they are rides, burger vans, candy floss stalls or anything else fairground related.

images of fields before, during and after ploughing, crops growing, crop lifting , farming animals and activities

If you have a series of photographs taken in a market place, either indoors or outdoors, they should be submitted here. This may include photos of stalls, goods on display, stallholders and customers interacting, floating markets, indoor markets, street markets, in short any sort of Market photos, excepting supermarket type photos.

Festivals, Carnivals, Events and Displays
Progress of floats and carnival people through the streets. Displays of any descriptions e.g. Firework displays, Hot air balloon displays, Air displays etc. Events of any kind, e.g. Sporting events, racing events etc.

Demonstrations and Marches
Showing demonstrators and public faces, speeches etc.

Crafts, hobbies and Sculpture
series of photos showing cakes being decorated, Embroidery progressing, flowers being arranged etc.

Sports and Sporting Events
Series of images of sports and sporting events. Sporting Events were earlier in the festivals, carnivals folder but due to public demand we are dedicating a special folder just to sports.

Body Art
Do you have tattoos, piercings etc. Have you a series of photos showing the progress of a favourite tattoo from outline, up to the final masterpiece. Maybe a series of photos showing your collection of piercings as they grow. Submit them all here, and share them with all our members.

Natural world
If you have a series that is related to the Natural world in any way, whether they show animals, plants, flowers, waterfalls, Fungi, trees woods or forests, or anything else that occurs in nature, then they belong in here.

Landscape Skyscape
For sets of landscape and skyscape photos all taken within the same area and showing the diversity of the area. Sets of photos taken from the same viewpoint at different times of the year to show seasonal changes.

People and Portrait
Do you have a series of photos showing people in various situations, or a series of Portraits of one person all taken at the one sitting. This is where to submit them.

Submit your series of food related photos showing all categories of food from preparation to mixing, through to cooking and the completed meal etc.

For a series of photos covering any aspects of transportation all taken at the same location, but all different e.g. Different planes in a hangar or on an airfield, different types of train in a train depot, different yachts in a marina, different cars on display at a car show or vintage car rally etc. Please do not submit a full series of photos all of the same bus, or train or car etc. or they will be declined.

For series that tell a story, either deliberately constructed of arising through chance.

Strip Series and Animated gifs
For a series of images presented as a strip or composite image, and also all your animated gifs.

Submission Rules and Guidelines

Have you ever wished you could submit a series of photos all taken at the same event into the one place, instead of having to split them up to suit different categories ? Well now you can. It doesn't matter whether they are black and white, HDR, photos of people, or machinery, or general views of the event. If they were taken as part of a series at the same event or place, and fit into one of our categories shown below, send them all to us. No more having to sort them into different categories, or send them to different folders, just send them all to us (all we ask is that you submit a minimum of 3 photos and a maximum of 6 photos in a series).

:bulletred: Submissions are accepted from only Members of the group
:bulletred: We accept only a series of images, the focus is on Series and not just a collection of images. The sequence of images must have an underlying visual, artistic, stylistic or subject theme, that is more focused than the general defined category.
:bulletred: A Series will consist of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 individual images.
:bulletred: We can not accept less or more than this number if you submit less, we will request that you add more to fulfill the minimum number.
:bulletred: We do accept a collage or group or strip of images placed together in a single file (Image). However these must be placed in the STRIP Series Folder.
:bulletred: Members are allowed to submit up to 8 images per folder per day.
:bulletred: Kindly submit to the correct folder.
:bulletred: All submissions in a series must be added within 24 hours of the first submission, otherwise all your submissions in the series will be declined.
:bulletred: All submissions must be photography based, and must belong to the member submitting them.


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Thanks a lot for the request:)
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Thank you very much my dear Jenny! :icondance-4u: Best wishes to all!:iconhearts-plz:

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:iconcutehiplz:Thank you for the invite!:heart::hug:
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LoByteSo Mar 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for the invitation! Nice idea to submitt series! :-)
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Thanks so much Jenny for inviting me to join the group. This will give me a new challenge and, hopefully, encourage me to view things afresh! 
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