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Welcome to PhotoSeries

This group is different because it is for submitting a series or set of photos. This allows you to submit photos you might have taken, for example, at an event. This group means that you can keep those photos together!

Photo Series considers that a series or set consists of a minimum and maximum, of three (3) photos.

If you are submitting to the photo journalism folder you may submit a maximum of six (6) (but still a minimum of three (3).

We'd like to thank our members for the many wonderful contributions already submitted and we look forward to seeing many more.

Please read our rules carefully. Thank you.

~~~ Jenny and the Team ~~~

" I love this idea: Many times, as some of you know, I have done Series of pics from one event, then had to break them all up. I found this to be truly annoying! An Event is an Event and the pics should stay together. In this Group you can do this. Hurrah!"
.Jenny Stokes


Submission Rules and Guidelines

:bulletwhite: Submissions are accepted from group members only.

:bulletwhite: We accept only a series of images, the focus is on Series and not just a collection of images. The sequence of images must have an underlying visual, artistic, stylistic or subject theme, that is more focused than the general defined category.

:bulletwhite: A Series will consist of a
minimum & maximum of three (3)
EXCEPT Photojournalism: Events/Political meetings may have from three (3) to six (6) images

:bulletwhite: We can not accept less or more than this number if you submit less, we will request that you add more to fulfill the minimum number.

:bulletwhite: A collage/group/ strip of images placed together in a single image must be placed in the STRIP Series Folder.

:bulletwhite: Members are allowed to submit up to two (2) series = six (6) images per day.

:bulletwhite: Kindly submit to the correct folder.

:bulletwhite: No submissions will be accepted until there is a complete set.

:bulletwhite: All submissions in a series must be added within 24 hours of the first submission, otherwise all your submissions in the incomplete series will be declined

:bulletwhite: All submissions must be photography based (except for the exception of photomanipulations), and must belong to the member submitting them.


Submissions to PhotoSeries will not automatically be accepted. We reserve the right to choose based on three Criteria;

:bulletwhite: Quality of Work

:bulletwhite: A Series in strict conformity of our Rules

:bulletwhite: Interesting and informative work



Gallery Folders

Strip Images and Animated Gifs
Non Current Folders


Sat Jan 23, 2016, 11:29 PM by vanndra:iconvanndra:
We have recently been working on updating our group and refining the folders so that they are easier to manage.

Following is a list of the final folders which of course can be found in the gallery:

:bulletblack:  Abstract
:bulletblack:  Architecture & Monuments
:bulletblack:  Conceptual
:bulletblack:  Crafts Hobbies and Food
:bulletblack:  Earthscapes and city scapes
:bulletblack:  Fauna
:bulletblack:  Flora
:bulletblack:  MacroCloseUp-CLOSED ........... Please submit work to the relevant folder. E.g. if you are submitting a macro image of a flower, then please post it in the Flora folder.
:bulletblack:  People and the Human Form
:bulletblack:  Photojournalism and Street
:bulletblack:  Photomanipulation
:bulletblack:  Still Life
:bulletblack:  Strip Images and Animated GIFs
:bulletblack:  Transport

If you aren't sure, you can find details of folders that have closed, and where to submit to now, if you look at the details inside the current folders.

Info for our members

Mon Jan 18, 2016, 8:32 PM by vanndra:iconvanndra:
We are currently working on the submission folders to make them more manageable for everyone.

This may take a few more days. In the meantime please submit your work into the most relevant folder.

Thank you for your patience :)

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